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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than with a visit to DeLiRe Salon & Spa’s Open House in Johnston, Iowa? This year’s celebration is not just about the joy of the season but also about indulging in beauty and self-care. Let’s unwrap the exciting details of the holiday sale that awaits you at DeLiRe.

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Stocking Stuffers: 20% Off!

First on our list are the delightful stocking stuffers available at DeLiRe Salon & Spa. These small treasures are the perfect additions to your holiday festivities. What makes it even merrier? A generous 20% off on each stocking stuffer purchase. It’s the season of giving, and DeLiRe is making it easier for you to spread joy.

Retail Gift Set Packages: Buy 6, Get 2 Free

Looking for the ideal gift that keeps on giving? DeLiRe presents an array of retail gift sets that cater to various beauty needs. Whether it’s skincare essentials or hair care favorites, our gift sets are curated to perfection. And here’s the icing on the holiday cake – buy 6 gift sets and receive 2 additional sets absolutely free. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on gifts for your loved ones (and maybe a little something for yourself).


EMFace and EMSCLUPT Neo Treatments: Buy 4, Get 1 Free

Step into the world of advanced beauty treatments with our EMFace and EMSCLUPT Neo sessions. These treatments redefine beauty standards, offering a rejuvenating experience. Take advantage of our special holiday deal – purchase 4 treatments, and we’ll gift you an additional session for free. It’s a harmonious blend of innovation and savings, exclusively at DeLiRe.


Exion Lip Plumping Treatments: Only $50

Pucker up for the holiday season with our Exion Lip Plumping Treatments, now available at a festive price of $50. Achieve the perfect holiday pout with this specialized treatment that adds volume and definition. Treat yourself or surprise a friend with the gift of luscious lips – because a touch of glamour never goes out of style.

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Booking Specials on Other Salon & Spa Treatments

The holiday sale at DeLiRe doesn’t stop here. Book treatments during the open house to recieve discounts on future services discounts on a range of other salon and spa treatments. From hair styling to massages, our team is ready to pamper you and make your holiday season extra special. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in a spa day or refresh your look just in time for those festive gatherings.

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Perplexity in Holiday Bliss

The holiday season can be perplexing, with countless choices and decisions to make. DeLiRe Salon & Spa understands the dilemma and strives to simplify your beauty and self-care choices. Our diverse range of offerings ensures that you find the perfect fit, allowing you to navigate the holiday bliss with ease.

Burstiness of Savings

This Open House at DeLiRe is not just about beauty; it’s about the burst of savings that accompanies it. The holiday sale brings exclusive discounts that are as fleeting as the season itself. Act fast to secure these savings and treat yourself or your loved ones to a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

Amidst the holiday hustle, DeLiRe Salon & Spa offers a sanctuary of relaxation. Our warm and inviting atmosphere is designed to make your visit a tranquil escape. Take a break from the chaos and immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance as you explore the beauty and savings awaiting you.

Unwrapping the Gift of Beauty

Consider the salon and spa treatments at DeLiRe as the perfect gifts to unwrap this holiday season. The gift of beauty is timeless, and our services are tailored to enhance your natural radiance. Share the joy of pampering with your loved ones, and let DeLiRe be the Santa Claus of beauty in your festive celebrations.

Personal Touch: Why DeLiRe?

What sets DeLiRe apart is the personal touch we bring to every beauty experience. Our skilled professionals take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, ensuring that each visit is a personalized journey. In a world of beauty options, choose DeLiRe for any experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Your beauty choices should reflect your individuality, and at DeLiRe, we celebrate what makes you unique.

Active Voice in Beauty Choices

Empower yourself to make active choices in your beauty routine. DeLiRe Salon & Spa believes that beauty is a personal journey, and we provide the tools and expertise to help you express yourself confidently. Take charge of your beauty decisions, and let us be your partner in enhancing your natural glow.

Brief and Beautiful: The Art of Pampering

In the midst of holiday chaos, simplicity is key. Our salon and spa treatments are crafted to be both brief and beautiful, offering you a moment of respite without compromising on the results. Indulge in a quick pick-me-up or a luxurious pampering session – whatever fits your schedule, DeLiRe has the perfect beauty solution.

Rhetorical Question: Ready to Glow?

As the festive season approaches, ask yourself: Are you ready to glow? DeLiRe Salon & Spa invites you to embrace your radiance and shine from within. Our holiday sale provides the ideal opportunity to enhance your glow and step into the celebrations with confidence. Ready to turn heads? DeLiRe has the answer.


In conclusion, the Holiday Sale at DeLiRe Salon & Spa is a golden opportunity to embrace beauty, savings, and relaxation. With a wide array of discounts on stocking stuffers, retail gift sets, advanced treatments, and more, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to make this holiday season extra special by treating yourself and your loved ones to the gift of beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: How long is the holiday sale at DeLiRe Salon & Spa valid?

    • A: The holiday sale is valid for a limited time during the Open House November 17th 2023.
  2. Q: Can I purchase gift cards during the holiday sale?

    • A: Yes, gift cards are available and make fantastic presents. They are not only thoughtful but also customizable to suit any budget.
  3. Q: Are the discounted treatments available for booking after the Open House?

    • A: If you book during the open house you will be able to lock in the discounts. 
  4. Q: What makes DeLiRe Salon & Spa different from other beauty establishments?

    • A: DeLiRe stands out for its personal touch, diverse offerings, and commitment to empowering individuals in their beauty choices. Also have we mentioned EXION, EMFace, EMSCLUPT Neo?
  5. Q: How can I book an appointment for the holiday specials?

    • A: Booking is easy! Give us a call to schedule your appointment and secure your spot for the holiday specials.

Get ready to sparkle and shine this holiday season with DeLiRe Salon & Spa. Treat yourself to the beauty you deserve and make this festive season truly unforgettable.

Don’t forget, we offer massages also! 

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